Maple Syrup Colour Classes

Grade A maple syrup is divided into four colour classes and each colour class is assigned a flavour descriptor to help consumers understand what that maple syrup is supposed to taste like.



Golden maple syrup with a delicate taste

Mildest in flavour and lightest in colour, golden maple syrup has a bit of a butter popcorn flavour. This grade is great for use on foods, not in foods. So poured on ice cream, pancakes or waffles. Drizzled over French toast or fresh cut fruit.


Amber maple syrup with a rich taste

A more medium maple flavour which is darker in colour. Amber maple syrup has a stronger flavour than golden and has a richer flavour that is a bit more maple. Amber maple syrup is great for use in foods or on foods. Use amber maple syrup on pancakes, waffles, French toast, in oatmeal or yogurt.

Dark maple syrup with a robust taste

A stronger flavour that is much darker in colour. Also a great choice for use in or on foods. Again, the traditional uses like pancakes and waffles are a great place for dark. But since it has a stronger flavour, dark maple syrup is great in things like smoothies, curry dishes and anything spicy that you want to add a little earthy sweetness too. Also great in tea, coffee and even baking.


Very dark maple syrup with a strong taste

The strongest maple flavour and darkest colour. Very dark maple syrup is a favourite amongst bakers, chefs and those looking for a strong maple flavour. Very dark maple syrup, like dark, is great in foods such as smoothies, curry dishes and anything spicy that you want to add a little earthy sweetness too. Also a great choice for baking and preserves. Very dark maple syrup is also a great ingredient for the professional or amateur brewer.